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January 1, 2023:
United Prayer for the Harvest – First Fruits
The “FirstFruits Prayer” service was at Mt Helix in La Mesa on January 1. (Mt Helix 4901 Mt Helix Dr, La Mesa, CA 91941)
Included believers from many churches, business people, mayors and public officials from East County and beyond join together to being the new year as “One Church” on that day.


May 5, 2022:
All San Diego National Day of Prayer
inviting the Lord to Extend His Kingdom and Purposes through the Family of God
Spiritual Awakening In Our Communities
With San Diego Pastors, Business Leaders and Fellow Believers In Seeking God Together
Praying toward revival in the Church
Mount Soledad Park, 6905 La Jolla Scenic Dr S,
La Jolla, CA, 92037
Organized and led by: All San Diego” Ministry, SD Pastors and Ministries, Business Marketplace Ministry San Diego, San Diego So. Baptist Association, Prayer Assist and SD Regional Prayer Network

July 12, 2022:
Successful dinner and launch with world renown speaker and author Ken Blanchard and CEO Art Barter of Datron World Communications and Servant Leadership Institute for 50 business and community leaders. – Illinois Mission: Leveraging the Power of Community and “Lessons Learned” to Inspire and Equip Business and Community Leaders Toward Increased Leadership Proficiency.

September 8, 2022:
Hosted Virtual “Leadership Lunch and Learn” events with Mr. Blanchard (Creating “positive” organizations and “What is most important “Relationship” “and” Results”) and Mr. Barter (“How to Encourage Employees When They Need to Grow”) – Interviewed potential Inspiring Leadership speakers and groups like: Pastor Shawn Mitchell, YMCA of San Diego County, Therapists Mary Cipriani (Mental Health and Brandi Nichols (Trauma), Business and Community Leaders: Andrew Arroyo (Innovation) RJ Kelly (Finance), DA Summer Stephan (Mental Health), and Kathleen Cooke (Women in Media)

September 18, 2022:
San Diego Preached on “True Worship” John 4:19-29 First Chinese Southern Baptist Church. Key Thoughts: Jesus gives hope to an outcast woman at a well. His loving invitation to worship and relationship with Him leads to personal and community transformation.

September 19, 2022:
Long Beach, CA: Co-led “Effective Prayer Part 1” training (Biblical Prayer, Personal Prayer, Praying for Others) with ministry partner Pastor Nader Hanna and Salam Ministries for 30 people at Bethany Lutheran Church.

September 24, 2022:
Long Beach, CA, Led “Being A Leader God Can Use to Develop Praying Disciples” session during Long Beach Harbor Association “Empower” Ministry Leadership Training Conference.

October 1, 2022:
Sonoma, CA Led “Growing As a Praying Disciple” session for 200 men at the “United” Men’s Retreat. Key Words: “Within men is the DNA of revolutionary impact.  Training men to pray is a strategic kingdom priority.”

October 6-7, 2022:
San Diego: Led Corporate Prayer “For a Movement of God in San Diego” and “Prayer Initiatives for Fulfilling the Great Commission” segments at All San Diego Love Your Neighbor Summit.

October 13, 2022:
Atlanta, GA Led “The Leader God Can Use to Develop Praying Disciples” for 30 pastors.

October 15, 2022:
Atlanta, GA Led “Equipping Men to Lead Prayer Groups” for 25 men. Goal of Training:  Build 4-Man Prayer “Fire Teams” and 2-Man Prayer “Buddy Teams,” where men pray for and support each other.

November 7, 2022:
Long Beach, CA: Co-led “Effective Prayer Part 2” training (Biblical Prayer / Intercessory and Corporate Prayer)
with ministry partner Pastor Nader Hanna and Salam Ministries for 20 people at Bethany Lutheran Church.

December 10, 2022:
Huntington Beach, CA Co-led “Effective Prayer Part 1” training (Biblical Prayer, Personal Prayer, Praying for Others) with Pastor Nader Hanna for 25 people at Redeemer Lutheran Church.

December 31, 2022:
San Diego Mountain Top Prayer 2022
City View Church
8404 Phyllis Place, San Diego CA 92123
Outdoor Worship Pavillion
December 31st, 1:00-3:00pm
Extend God’s Kingdom and Purposes through the Family of God
End 2022 in United Prayer and Action, inviting the Lord to:
Included San Diego Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and fellow believers in seeking God together, praying toward revival of our society, contending for His purposes and confronting His adversaries.
Worship Led By Singer/Songwriter Sophia Ahmann and worship team
Prayer Led By Thomas Bush, Prayer Assist and San Diego Pastors, Dr Faith Quenzer, Business and Community Leaders