Ministry Prayer Strategy

To implement a Ministry Prayer Strategy, there must be prayer training at every level.

  1. Leaders Lead the Prayer Strategy.
    Every Leader a Praying Leader and Every Leader a Prayer Advocate.
  2. Pastors Model and Lead Their Churches to be Houses of Prayer.
    Every Pastor a Praying Pastor and Every Church a House of Prayer.
  3. Train Men to Pray.
    Every Christian a Praying Christian. Pastors and Leaders train men to pray.
  4. Train Church Members to Pray.
    Every Member a Praying Member. Pastors and Leaders train members to pray.

Potential Prayer Topics: Every Deacon a Praying Deacon, Mom a Praying Mom, Child a Praying Child, etc.

Prayer Advocate

A Prayer Advocate is a catalyst for prayer wherever they go. We invite every pastor, missionary, faith-based ministry leader, and parent to strive to be a “Prayer Advocate.”

  1. Practices prayer:
    A “Prayer Advocate” must pray himself/herself. The practice of prayer cannot be completely delegated to another leader or prayer team.
  2. Preaches, teaches, and disciples in prayer:
    A “Prayer Advocate” leads by providing a Biblical foundation for prayer for those he/she leads.
  3. Promotes prayer:
    A “Prayer Advocate” casts vision for having a ministry saturated with prayer.
  4. Participates in prayer:
    The Prayer Advocate’s team experiences the Prayer Advocate by praying with him/her.
  5. Provides places of prayer:
    “Prayer Advocates” provide places and opportunities for people to pray. “Prayer Advocates” invite people to take prayer to places where people are.
    A Prayer Advocate trains for and encourages Spirit-led, Scripture-fed prayer for every person and in every gathering, class and committee. Prayer Advocates provide many opportunities and places for people to pray.
  6. Produces prayer lists focused on kingdom impact:
    “Prayer Advocates” include prayer requests that would make a difference to the ministry if God were to answer.

The above based on the work of Pastor Phil Miglioratti, National Pastors Prayer Network, Pray.Network.

How is God encouraging you to grow as a “Prayer Advocate”?

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