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How Prayer Assist helps church and ministry leaders: (Prayer Assist has worked with churches and ministries across the United States)

  • Prayer Ministry Planning: Helping you develop a ministry “prayer plan”.
  • Building Prayer Ministry Capacity: Helping you train prayer leaders and prayer team members
  • Equipping: Helping you employ effective prayer ministry methods and “best practices”


What Prayer Assist provides:

  • Coaching:  Prayer ministry coaching, evaluation and ministry planning
  • Facilitation:  Skilled prayer event leadership (Retreats, Days of Prayer, Prayer and Worship Nights, Prayer Excursions)
  • Prayer Event and Initiative Planning: Planning and execution of church and ministry prayer events, gatherings, and initiatives.
  • Resources: Providing and creating customized prayer resources.
  • Training and Teaching:  Customized prayer ministry training, teaching and preaching

How Can We Serve You?


Developing Your Ministry “Prayer Plan”
Discerning where to start C1

Sharing Effective Prayer Ministry Methods
For staff and leaders C2

Evaluating Your Prayer Ministry
Proven tools to assess your prayer ministry and prayer culture C3

Building Prayer Ministry Capacity
Helping you train and equip prayer leaders and prayer team members C4

Providing Resources
Providing and creating customized prayer resources C6


Keys to Ministry Prayer – L.E.A.D.
Leadership, Evaluation, Apprenticeship, Deployment L1

Growing as a House of Prayer Ministry
Prayer Ministry foundations, “best practices” and tools L2


Effective Prayer Meetings
Learning powerful and effective methods of praying together M1

Prayer and Worship Events
Experiencing the power and value of “worship-based” prayer M2

Prayer for Evangelism and Missions
Praying for outreaches, missions, and lost people M3


Biblical Prayer
Experiencing the power and confidence of Scripture centered prayer P1

Intercessory Prayer
Engaging in God-focused, Scripture-centered, promise-driven prayer P3

Praying Your Prayer Share
Engaging every church member in the privilege and passion of prayer P4

Ministering to Others
Through Prayer Learning to pray effectively for others P5

Building Ministry Prayer Teams
Training teams to pray fervently for pastors, ministries and leaders C5


Prayer Event Leadership
Helping you lead prayer walks/drives, days of prayer and prayer retreats F1

Prayer Event and Initiative Planning
Leading event prayer rooms and prayer teams. Helping you plan and execute prayer events and prayer initiatives F2

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