The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].”
-James 5:16, Amplified Bible

Equipping Pastors and Faith-based Organizations
To Produce More Prayer-energized Disciples and Ministries

We serve to assist Pastors and Ministry leaders leading their ministries to be “Houses of Prayer” – serving God’s people as a “prayer advocate”.

God’s people cannot become fully developed disciples without a vibrant prayer life. Developing the prayer life of disciples is the core of our ministry.

What We Do For Church and Ministry Leaders:

  • Prayer Ministry Planning:
    Helping you develop a ministry “prayer plan”.
  • Building Prayer Ministry Capacity:
    Helping you train prayer leaders and prayer team members
  • Equipping:
    Helping you employ effective prayer ministry methods and “best practices”

We Provide:

  • Coaching:
    Prayer ministry coaching, evaluation and ministry planning
  • Facilitation:
    Skilled prayer event leadership (Retreats, Days of Prayer, Prayer and Worship Nights, Prayer Excursions)
  • Prayer Event and Initiative Planning:
    Planning and execution of church and ministry prayer events, gatherings, and initiatives.
  • Resources:
    Providing and creating customized prayer resources.
  • Training and Teaching:
    Customized prayer ministry training, teaching and preaching.

PRAYER ASSIST supports pastors, congregations, prayer teams, ministries, business leaders, and individuals with enhancing their connection to God by providing prayer ministry coaching, prayer training, and customized prayer resources.

The spiritual vitality of an individual or organization is an indicator of their connection with God.  People with vital connection to God live with greater strength and purpose.

Prayer Assist is committed to seeing more prayer-energized individuals and organizations.

Through its ministry expertise, gifting, and ministry partners, Prayer Assist aids individuals and organizations in achieving their spiritual potential by providing prayer ministry coaching, training, quality prayer resources, strategy, and prayer mobilization.

Ministry Endorsements:

I’m happy to endorse the prayer ministry of Thomas Bush. Thomas has been instrumental in helping our church go deeper into the ministry of prayer. Thomas has been a coach, mentor, encourager, and friend during this process. He has been available to teach, encourage, challenge and inspire. I can’t think of a better person to give your church, ministry, or organization direction and guidance when it comes to prayer.
Dr. Mark Milwee, Pastor
Del Cerro Baptist Church, La Mesa, CA

I’m glad to recommend Thomas Bush to your church or organization to develop or energize prayer. Thomas is a focused leader seasoned with kindness and a gentle spirit. He is determined to help accomplish what God wants for your organization or church.
Roger Byrd, Music & Worship, Discipleship & Prayer Specialist
CA Southern Baptist Convention

Please Pray that God Would Lead and Bring Together More of His People in Prayer and Unity in 2023.

Regional Prayer Leaders Fellowship I would like to build a regional prayer leaders fellowship of people who have a heart for their city, region, or San Diego County as a whole. It will be mostly an e-mail or text group that meets maybe quarterly by zoom. If you are interested, please reply “regional fellowship”.

Leaders Who Need Prayer / Intercessors Who Pray For Leaders Some of you have a passion for prayer, but are serving in your church and/or in the community and you would like to have a mature intercessor to stand with you in prayer.
1) If needed, I can help connect you with mature, faithful intercessors. Please reply “need an intercessor.”
2) In the same way, if you want to serve anointed, busy ministry, business and community leaders in prayer, please email thomas.bush.sd@gmail.com “I will pray for a leader”.

May we all experience and increased sense of God’s fellowship, presence, wisdom, grace and spiritual leadership in 2023.