Prayer Assist Fundamentals Prayer Training

Every Friday @ 7:00am Pacific Coast Time.

Prayer Assist Fundamentals sessions:

1. Biblical Prayer: Experiencing the power and confidence of Scripture-centered prayer.

2. Personal Prayer:  Enjoying Life-Long Intimacy with God Through Prayer.

3. Intercessory Prayer: Engaging in God-focused, Scripture-centered, promise-driven prayer.

4. Praying Your Prayer Share: Engaging every church member in the privilege and passion of prayer.

5. Praying for Each Other: Learning to pray effectively for others.

All are welcome. These sessions are tailored to all with a passion for prayer, including pastors, ministry, prayer, business and non-profit leaders.

As you are available, please join us this valuable prayer training. The sessions are FREE. It is offered to all who attend, men, women, children, youth, etc.

Can’t make it at 7:00am on Fridays? Or want to do this prayer training with your church, ministry or business? Let’s schedule a time that works for you and/or your group. I can also share this training one-on-one, as requested. Ask the Lord for an opportunity to receive this training. Contact Thomas Bush, Director at (619) 742-8694 or

We must restore effective corporate prayer to the Body of Christ.
We can’t accomplish all God has for His people by praying alone. -Thomas Bush

Key Scripture Focus
The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God–it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].” James 5:16b AMP

people praying together Pictured above: 1. Praying for revival over the United States map with Korean Intercessors. 2. Praying for a move of God’s Spirit at the US/Mexico Border with Korean Intercessors.

We just completed: “Personal Intercessory Prayer Training” – 6 power-packed sessions. If you missed any sessions, you can listen to the audio recordings on the Prayer Assist Training page under heading: “Personal Intercessory Prayer”

“Intercessory Prayer” Training

The “House of Prayer” graphic below shows 4 areas of prayer for a well-rounded praying disciple. Biblical intercession is a key component of every quadrant of a fully-developed praying disciple.

Definition: Biblical Intercession:
– God-led Intervention, the intersection between heaven and earth.
– Prayers that “hit the mark”, reflecting God’s specific will.
– Standing before God and between God and others.
– A friend approaching a king with an intimate petition.

A Fully-Developed Praying Disciple and Intercession
1. Personal Prayer: Praying disciples intercede for themselves.
2. Personal Intercession: Praying disciples intercede for others during their private time with God.
3. Ministry Prayer: Praying disciples intercede for others when they are with them or connect with them by phone, zoom, email, text, letter, etc.
4. Corporate Intercession: Praying disciples intercede together with their church, ministry group, family, etc.

chart showing the benefits of prayer You can download the Corporate Intercessory Prayer Overview Handout by clicking here.

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