Holy Week Prayer I

Prayer was a very important part of Jesus’ experience during Holy Week. There are many meaningful ways to prepare our hearts for Easter. One way to walk with Jesus through Holy Week is to engage Him in prayer. This is the first of 4 prayer exercises to deepen our experience during Holy Week.

“Praying Through Holy Week” is our invitation to a lifestyle of prayer that prepares us for Easter.

Holy Week prayer is “walking with God,” watching and praying.  Watching and praying is being “spiritually alert” for temptation and the purposes of God. (Mark 14:38)  “Holy Week” includes the days between Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday. Holy Week is the last week of Lent.

Enter into Holy Week Prayer Exercise #1 – Palm Sunday through Wednesday

  1. Find a place where you can focus on the Lord.
  2. Evaluate your humility and arrogance.
    • Humility: Freedom from arrogance recognizing all we have and are comes from God.
      • 1 Pet 5:5-6
    • Arrogance:  Taking credit for the things I have that come from God Philippians 2:3

3. Follow 4 steps to evaluate humility and arrogance

  • Praise God for areas where you are humble/not arrogant.
  • Ask God’s help to be humble/not arrogant.
  • Confess/ask forgiveness for areas where you are arrogant/not humble.
  • Seek God’s help to do a fresh work in your life.

After prayer, reflect:

  • How does God want me to respond to what he revealed to me during prayer?

4. Review: What spiritual practices should I use to help prepare me for Easter?

  • Prayer and Scripture Meditation
  • Moral Inventory and Behavior Change
  • Fasting and Other Forms of Abstinence
  • Acts of Generosity and Service

May our Lord draw us all closer to Himself during Holy Week!

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