Give the Gift of Love to Your Pastors Through Prayer – During Clergy Appreciation Month

People of God:

Please join Prayer Assist ( in sharing the gift of love with our pastors by praying for them during October – Clergy Appreciation Month! 

Here are 2 powerful scripture-based prayer tools you can use to pray for your pastors. One is a PDF, the other is a  word document.  You can  download them by clicking here: Pdf or Word

Use the passage(s) of scripture to pray for your pastor by name:
Example:  Lord, I pray that Pastor George will stand firm.  Nothing will move Pastor George. (1 Corinthians 15:58) May Pastor George always give himself fully to Your work because Pastor George‘s labor is not in vain in the Lord!

Once you personalize the scripture(s), you can use the word document to send these prayers to your pastor by text or by e-mail.  Your pastors will be blessed, strengthened and encouraged – and they will experience the gift of God’s love!

Invite others to join you!   May God use His people to breathe love and life into the hearts of our pastors.  They give so much to us!  May we give them the gift of love through prayer during Clergy Appreciation Month and beyond.

Blessings with gratitude,
Thomas, Director, 
Prayer Assist Ministries (